1. Let Her Go - Passenger

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    Jenkinson and Wilshere playing awful -.-
    Come on guys, make some effort. Let’s continue our streak, let’s get to the top of the table again. We dominated against Napoli… West Brom should be a piece of cake !

  3. goose bumps.

  4. Top 10 Premier League Shirt Sellers in 2013-14 !!

    10. Santi Cazorla 

    9. Jack Wilshere 

    8. Luis Suarez 

    7. Eden Hazard 

    6. Shinji Kagawa 

    5. Fernando Torres 

    4. Sergio Aguero 

    3. Wayne Rooney 

    2. Robin Van Persie 

    1. Mesut Ozil 

  5. nothing more to say :D

  6. Happy Birthday Oli <3

  7. Ok, it looks great. When our injured players come back it will be really amazing :D
    Do you think we could keep it up until the end of the season ?

  8. perfect start :D

  9. 10 consecutive away wins :D

    Can’t stop the gunners :D
    <3 <3 <3

  10. He scores when he wants!

  11. Stop him if you can ! :D

    ( no one can )

  12. Could this be the season in which we’ll win the trophy ?
    Yeah, I think it could, I think it is ! :D

  13. Been waiting for so long….

    Just make sure to keep it this way :D

  14. Can you tell me who’s the top goalscorer in EPL, and also which team is on top of the table ???? :D
    Giroud <3 Arsenal <3